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By Javier Marías, Margaret Jull Costa

ISBN-10: 0141199954

ISBN-13: 9780141199955

ISBN-10: 0141199962

ISBN-13: 9780141199962

A guy marries a girl and after the honeymoon she commits suicide. consequently, he marries her sister and has a son. the radical, which received the Spanish Critics' Award, recounts the son's efforts to find the reality of that mysterious tragedy. through the writer of All Souls.


If Ranz has instructed no lies to his son Juan, that's simply because Juan has requested no questions. but if Juan marries, and his spouse and father have issues to inform one another, drama follows. And Ranz's Read more...

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I saw her newly shaved armpit, she’d shaved it carefully for her date. She glanced again to my left then back at me, glanced to my left and again at me. ” asked Luisa again from her bed. Her voice was fearful, full of a double fear, internal and external, she was afraid of what was happening to her body, so far from home, and of whatever it was that was going on out there, on the balcony, out in the street, of what was happening to me and not to her, for married couples soon get used to the idea that whatever happens, happens to them both.

She shouted something I couldn’t hear because of the distance and I was sure that she was shouting at me. ”, uttered with great indignation, as was the rest of the phrase that failed to reach my ears. As she spoke, she started walking, in order to get nearer, and to do so she had to cross the street and traverse the broad esplanade which, on our side of the road, separated the hotel from the pavement, distancing and protecting it a little from the traffic. When she took more than the few repetitive steps she’d ventured during her wait, I noticed that she walked slowly and with difficulty, as if she were unaccustomed to wearing high heels, or as if her strong legs weren’t used to them, or as if her handbag threw her off balance or as if she were dizzy.

That one person was in bed, ill, behind me, watched over by her husband. Nevertheless, after a few moments of this looking without seeing, I did pick out one particular person. I picked her out because, during all that time, unlike the others, she hadn’t moved or shifted or disappeared from my field of vision, but had stayed on the same spot. She was a woman who, from a distance, looked about thirty and was wearing a yellow blouse with a scoop neck, a white skirt and white high-heeled shoes, and she carried a large black handbag over one arm, like the handbags women in Madrid used to carry when I was a child, big handbags carried over the arm, not over the shoulder the way they carry them now.

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