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By Charles Duroiselle

This scarce antiquarian e-book is a facsimile reprint of the unique. as a result of its age, it may possibly comprise imperfections similar to marks, notations, marginalia and wrong pages. simply because we think this paintings is culturally very important, now we have made it to be had as a part of our dedication for shielding, holding, and selling the world's literature in reasonable, prime quality, glossy versions which are actual to the unique paintings.

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Sakkh´, a witness. mant´, minister. yoddh´, warrior. 137. Most Masc. nouns in ´ are not pure substantives, they are adjectives used substantively; their true stem is in in, the Nom. sing. being ´. The true stem of daö¶´ therefore is daö¶in. Properly, all these words belong to the consonantal declension. Feminine Nouns ´ (long). 138. SUFFIXES. Singular Nom. ´. Gen. Œ. Dat. Œ. Acc. ×. Ins. Œ. Abl. Œ. Loc. a, a×. Voc. ´. Plural. ´ , yo. na×. na×. ´, yo. hi, bhi. hi, bhi. su. ´, yo. 139. DECLENSION OF NADç.

BŒlo. bŒlŒ. Gen. bŒlassa. bŒlŒya. Dat. bŒlassa, bŒlŒya. bŒlŒya. Acc. bŒla×. bŒla×. Ins. bŒlena. bŒlŒya. Abl. bŒlŒ, bŒlŒya. bŒlasmŒ, bŒlamhŒ, bŒlato. Loc. bŒle, bŒlŒya, bŒlŒya×. bŒlasmi×, bŒlamhi. Voc. bŒla, bŒlŒ. bŒlŒ, bŒle. Plural. Masculine. Nom. bŒlŒ. Gen. bŒlŒna×. Dat. bŒlŒna×. Acc. bŒle. Ins. bŒlehi, bŒlebhi. Abl. bŒlehi, bŒlebhi. Loc. bŒlesu. Voc. bŒlŒ. Feminine. bŒlŒ, bŒlŒyo. bŒlŒna×. bŒlŒna×. bŒlŒ, bŒlŒyo. bŒlŒhi, bŒlŒbhi. bŒlŒhi, bŒlŒbhi. bŒlŒsu. bŒlŒ, bŒlŒyo. Neuter. bŒla×. bŒlassa. bŒlassa, bŒlŒya.

Acc. ×. Ins. nŒ. Abl. nŒ, smŒ, mhŒ. Loc. smi×, mhi. Voc. _ Plural. ni, ´. na×. na×. ni, ´. hi, bhi. hi, bhi. su n´, ´. ), WATER Singular. Nom. vŒri. Gen. vŒrissa, vŒrino. Dat. vŒrissa, vŒrino. Acc. vŒri×. Ins. vŒrinŒ. Abl. vŒrinŒ, vŒrismŒ, vŒrimhŒ. Loc. vŒrismi×, vŒrimhi. Voc. vŒri. Plural. vŒr´ni, vŒr´. vŒrina×. vŒrina×. vŒr´ni, vŒr´. vŒr´hi, vŒr´bhi. vŒr´hi, vŒr´bhi. vŒr´su. vŒrini, vŒr´. Remarks. (a) There is also found a Nom. sing. , as, aÊÊhi×, bone, akkhi×, eye, etc. (b) As usual, final i is lengthened before ni, na×, hi, bhi and su in the plural.

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