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I must begin by referring to another case . In ancient 43 times, when a man was murdered, the next of kin of the murdered person were under the duty to avenge the murder, to find the murderer and to kill him, for murder could not be left unavenged . But, in avenging the murder, the avengers themselves became murderers. In turn, the avengers of the first murderer were themselves murdered by the next of kin of the first murderer . And so, once a murder was committed, and an endless chain of murders followed, one murder gave birth to numerous murders, and this continued from generation to generation .

No power in creation can stop this social transformation . In fighting against state capitalism and fascism, men are fighting against history ; and he who fights against history is destroyed by history . State capitalism can be fought only with state capitalism, and fascism can be fought only with fascism . The democratic countries, in fighting against state capitalism and fascism, will be compelled to become fascistic and establish state capitalism . The question, then is : Can the Jews fight against state capitalism and fascism?

But it will be asked : how can the Jews reconcile themselves with nazism and fascism that are brutal, inhuman and reactionary ; how can they reconcile themselves with the nazis and the fascists who are determined to destroy the Jews? Assuming that the Jews will reconcile themselves with Nazi Germany and fascism generally, will that change the attitude of the nazis and the fascists towards the Jews, will they then give up their determination to destroy the Jews? Granting that whatever the Jews will do to reconcile themselves with nazism and fascism will not have any effect on the nazis and the fascists, what will the Jews gain by this?

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