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5 graphs three Pareto distributions, one with a< 1 and the other two with mean 50. 5 puts higher weight on small numbers than the other two, its mean is infinite; it puts higher weight on large numbers than the other two, and its graph eventually crosses the other two as x -----+ oo. fJ a must be positive. f} is not considered a parameter since it must be selected in advance, based on what you want the range to be. You recognize a single-parameter Pareto by its having support not starting at 0, and by the density function having a denominator with x raised to a power.

41. 2. 24. 3. 730I96 . I - 4. 8 is an 80th percentile. This is true for 3 < x ~ 5. In fact, the graph of the distribution is horizontal between 3 and 5. So the set of 80th percentiles is j {x : 3 ~ x ~ 5} I· 5. 2z 5 0 Exercises The random variable X is a mixture of an exponential distribution with mean 5, With weight ~, and an inverse exponential distribution with 8 = 5, with weight ~. I. I. Let H(x) be the cumulative hazard function of X. Calculate H(3). 2. The random variable X has a uniform distribution on (0, 1].

So the distribution of claims after 5% uniform inflation is normal. For any distribution, multiplying the distribution by a constant multiplies the mean and standard deviation by that same constant. Thus in this case, the new mean is 1050 and the new standard deviation is 105. (E) (.... C/4 Study Manual-11th edition Copyright ©2010ASM _.... Lesson 3 Variance You learned everything in this lesson in your probability course. Nevertheless, many students miss a lot of these points. They are very important.

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A.S.M. study manual for Exam C/exam 4 : construction and evaluation of actuarial models by by Abraham Weishaus.

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