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By Henk J. Verkuyl

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Sentences may well pertain to states or tactics or occasions. they might show boundedness, length, repetition, frequency, and lots of other kinds of temporality. How do they do that? Henk Verkuyl offers the following a idea approximately aspectual homes of sentences in usual languages. A conception of Aspectuality brings jointly the fruit of his considering at the topic during the last two decades, and may curiosity all these engaged on element and the semantics of noun words. It supplies to be an enormous contribution to our knowing of the topic.

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Value adjectives do not directly qualify nouns, and value adverbs cannot function as sentence qualifiers. The crucial part of the table is the correspondence between generously loyal - non-value adverb plus non-value adjective - and good deep (or good loyal) value adjective plus non-value adjective. A value adjective cannot (I) directly qualify a noun; if it appears in an NP with a noun and no other adjective, then it has manner Function (III) with respect to an implicit non-value adjective. The discussion of adverb possibilities for the type VALUE, in the last few paragraphs, applies only to the main members of this type - good and bad.

In fact, given any object one can describe it in terms of either pole of an antonymy, merely by placing it in the appropriate milieu. A wooden table, if placed in a collection of lead artifacts, would be called light; in a room of cardboard props it would be termed heavy. Antonyms typically occur in comparative constructions, and then establish a converse relation: if A is smaller than  then it follows that  is larger than A. True complements cannot occur in comparative constructions. All DIMENSION, POSITION and most PHYSICAL PROPERTY adjectives occur in antonym pairs, with the positive member of each pair - long, high, heavy, etc.

There are some PHYSICAL PROPERTY pairs, and also some DIMENSION pairs, where the positive member is expressed by a noun and its antonym by a verb - symbolised N/V in the table. Thus kaifi 'sharpness of edge' and dakushe 'become blunt'; fa'di 'width' and k'untace 'become narrow'. 1) verbs are readily distinguishable from nouns in terms of the fairly extensive morphological possibilities of the former. The main morphological characteristic of nouns is the existence of distinct singular and plural forms - plurals are formed either by suffixing -/ or by prefixing la-.

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