New PDF release: An introduction to the study of the Kabalah

By W Wynn Westcott

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Old Ritualistic Lore and Prophecies of the long run Made happen to guy. With 8 Diagrams. Contents: The Kabalah; the sensible Kabalah; The Dogmatic Kabalah

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In this theosophy,-ex nihil 1'tihilo fit; spirit and matter are the opposite poles of one existence: and as nothing comes from nothing, so nothing is annihilated. 81 32 THE KABALAH The following seven Kabalistic ideals are of the greatest interest to student3 of the origin and destiny of the world and mankind. ne, the Supreme Incomprehensible One, the AIN SUPH, the Greek apeiros, (Zohar iii. 283) was not the direct Creator of the World; but that all things have proceeded from the Primordial Source in successive Emanations, each one less excellent than the preceding, so that the universe is 'God ~fanifested,' and the last and remotest production is matter, a privation of perfection.

I I -''- J~SCO. -Oll Plate III. the words N etzach and Hod are in error transposed. w. N , .... ,,~ ; '\ , '\ 9 ""'" Vi , ' o f til Q C '. , I&J ~ 0 0 0 0 0 ~ ( 01 0 0 en a: ~ CL aLI III a: 0 0 0 [ • t- THE DOGl\fATIC KABALAH 45 Yod, Heh, Vau, Heh, numbering 26. , and VI. This Decad of Deific Emanations is . to be conceived as first formulated on the Divine First plane of Atziluth, which is entirely beyond our ken; to be reproduced on the Second plane of pure Spirit, Briah; to exist in the· same Decad form in the world of Yetzirah, the Third or Formative plane; and finally to be sufficiently condensed as to be cognizable by the human intellect on the Fourth plane of Assiah, on \vhich we seem to exist.

To each Sephira were allotted in Briah an especial Archangel, and in Yetzirah an army of Angels; these connect the Kabalah with Talismanic lYIagic. ) A. E. vVaite in his work on the Kabalah states that Rabbi Azariel ben lYfenacbem in his "Commentary on the Sephiroth" allots a particular colour to each one, but these do not agree with the colours given in the Zohar, where we find Kether called colourless, Tiphareth purple, and Malkuth sapphire-blue. These Ten Sephiroth are thought of as being VI.

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