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By Melvin Thomas Copeland, Stanley F. Teele

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Although that term had been used in a few other schools of commerce prior to 1914, it had been applied there especially to trade in raw commodities. In the usage which was adopted at the Harvard Business School in 1914, and which shortly thereafter became common throughout the United States, Marketing comprehended the whole process of physical distribution, demand activation, merchandising, pricing, and other activities involved in the exchange of products and services. thetically, Italy, it Marketing continued to be a required course.

I would like to point out, however, that what was accomplished in these areas during Dean Gay's administration was of great significance in extending the base of enrollment, in improving instruction, and in gaining the interest and cooperation of the business world. Some developments in rections in And Mark an Era 40 other directions during the first ten years are discussed in the following pages. THE DEVELOPING CONCEPT OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION In 1909-1910, the second year in which the School was in operation, the curriculum remained substantially the same as in the preceding year except for the addition of several advanced courses and a few other changes.

The moving picture industry was just emerging from the pennyarcade stage. And, of course, the aviation, radio, and television industries were nonexistent. This list of actual and impending developments could be extended indefinitely, and reference could be made to the new steps securities a large investment And Mark an Era 20 which were being taken or were about to be taken for more active regulation of various industries by government legislation. The magnitude of the opportunity Which existed for trained business administrators was not fully recognized when the Harvard Business School was founded, and developments in the offing were not anticipated.

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