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Limitations if the time superposition" the sealing fault example When the response deviates from the infinite acting radial flow regime, taking the derivative with respect to the time superposition does not correct perfectly the build-up effect, and a distortion can be introduced on the response. 10 for a well near a sealing fault is compared to the drawdown curve. During shut-in, the effect of the sealing fault appears delayed compared to the theoretical drawdown derivative response. With well test analysis software, the same treatment is applied on theoretical curves and on data.

25. Drawdown and build-up pressure responses. Closed system. Linear scale. When all boundaries have been reached (after time t2), the shape of the pressure profile becomes constant with time, and it simply drops as the reservoir is being depleted (times t3 and t4). During the pseudo steady state regime, the bottom hole flowing pressure is a linear function of the elapsed time. During shut-in, the pressure stabilizes in the reservoir and reaches the average reservoir pressure p (< Pi) 9 Specialized analysis During drawdown, the Pseudo Steady State regime is analyzed with a plot of the pressure versus elapsed time At on a linear scale (Jones, 1956).

Y ~ y 3500 r e sInfi e nr itveo i ~ ' ~ I Sealing fault --~ I Hemi-radial Radial ........ 10. History drawdown- build-up. Well near a sealing fault. Time superposition with other flow regimes The time superposition is sometimes used with other flow regimes for straight-line analysis. When all test periods follow the same flow behavior, the Homer time can be expressed with the corresponding time function. 29) is sometimes used for the analysis of wireline formation testers pressure data. , 1979).

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