Association Mapping in Plants by Erik H.A. Rikkerink (Editor), Susan E. Gardiner (Editor), PDF

By Erik H.A. Rikkerink (Editor), Susan E. Gardiner (Editor), H. Nihal de Silva (Editor) Nnadozie C. Oraguzie (Editor)

ISBN-10: 0387358447

ISBN-13: 9780387358444

ISBN-10: 0387360115

ISBN-13: 9780387360119

This publication presents either uncomplicated and complicated knowing of organization mapping and an know-how of inhabitants genomics instruments to facilitate mapping and identity of the underlying reasons of quantitative trait version in vegetation. It acts as an invaluable evaluate of the marker know-how, the statistical method, and the development up to now. It additionally deals courses to using unmarried nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in organization reviews.

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Implications for association genetics are that global, or genome-wide averages may not adequately reflect patterns in specific regions, therefore patterns within regions of interest will need adequate elucidation for successful application of association genetics approaches. Population structure and biological behavior in particular, have pronounced effects on patterns of LD. Such differences have been observed in model plant species such as Arabidopsis and maize, where very different patterns have been observed.

2001, Intensely punctuate meiotic recombination in the class II region of the major histocompatibility complex. Nat Genet 29: 217–222. , 1917, The numerical results of diverse systems of breeding, with respect to two pairs of characters, linked or independent, with special relations to the effect of linkage. Genetics 2: 97–154. , 1997, Haplotypes of angiotensinogen in essential hypertension. Am J Hum Genet 60: 1448–1460. , 1995, Linkage disequilibrium as a gene mapping tool. Am J Hum Genet 56: 11–14.

3). 3. 29 An example based on empirical data of how admixture and selection can influence LD resulting in significant association between genotype and phenotype is the oat study carried out by Beer et al. (1997). In this study, the authors used 64 North American oat varieties and landraces that have been phenotyped for 13 quantitative characters and grouped based on their restriction fragment length polymorphism (RFLP) genotype at 48 loci. 2% of the fragments at 1% significance level. The authors, however, did not take into consideration in their data analysis the fact that both spring and winter varieties were represented in the germplasm pool they used for the study (Souza and Sorrells 1991).

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Association Mapping in Plants by Erik H.A. Rikkerink (Editor), Susan E. Gardiner (Editor), H. Nihal de Silva (Editor) Nnadozie C. Oraguzie (Editor)

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