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By Rens Bod

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Over the last few years, a brand new method of linguistic research has began to emerge. This procedure, which has emerge as recognized less than numerous labels akin to 'data-oriented parsing', 'corpus-based interpretation' and 'treebank grammar', assumes that human language comprehension and creation works with representations of concrete earlier language reports instead of with summary grammatical principles. It operates through decomposing the given representations into fragments and recomposing these items to investigate (infinitely many) new utterances. This ebook exhibits how this common procedure can observe to varied forms of linguistic representations. Experiments with this strategy recommend that the efficient devices of common language can't be outlined by way of a minimum algorithm or rules, yet must be outlined by way of a wide, redundant set of formerly skilled buildings. Bod argues that this end result has vital outcomes for linguistic idea, resulting in a completely new view of the character of linguistic competence.

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2. Current implementations of SLTAG only take into account the probability of a derivation (cf. Resnik 1992; Schabes 1992), and not the probability of a resulting tree (so-called "derived tree"). This seems statistically suboptimal, since, like in STSG, the probability of a derivation is different from the probability of a tree (see Schabes & Waters 1996). Thus, current instantiations of SLTAG are based on the assumption that the statistical dependencies coincide with the linguistic dependencies of the underlying competence model.

Thus, there can be significant dependencies that go beyond the statistical relations between constituent head words. 6). 6. g. in constructions like An obvious rule to everybody, John has a faster computer than Peter, Smoke an occasional cigarette, etc. 5 Open questions There are still several problems to be solved regarding the relations between stochastic grammars. So far, we have only designed the contours of a Formal Stochastic Language Theory which allowed us to formally compare STSG with SCFG.

Proposition 1 For every STSG there exists a weakly stochastically equivalent SCFG. 2 This definition follows Booth (1969), Fu (1974), Levelt (1974), Wetherell (1980), Fujisaki et al. (1989) and Jelinek et al. (1990). FORMAL STOCHASTIC LANGUAGE THEORY / 29 Proof of Proposition 1 Given an STSG G, we convert every elementary tree t e R into a contextfree production root(t) —» frontier(t). This may lead to multiple occurrences of the same production, since different elementary trees may have the same root and frontier.

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