Download e-book for iPad: Booby Trap (An Odelia Grey Mystery, Book 4) by Sue Ann Jaffarian

By Sue Ann Jaffarian

ISBN-10: 0738713503

ISBN-13: 9780738713502

Might the Blond Bomber serial killer potentially be Dr. Brian Eddy, plastic general practitioner to the wealthy and well-known? Odelia by no means may have suspected the in demand health care provider of killing the bevy of buxom blonds if she hadn't heard it without delay from her buddy Lillian--Dr. Eddy's personal mother!--over lunch sooner or later. This secret will get even messier than Odelia's poultry parmigiana sandwich as Odelia discovers simply how difficult--and dangerous--it could be to bust this killer. Bountiful compliment for the Odelia gray secret sequence "A worthy sequence . . . a true deal with for chick-lit and secret fanatics who like feisty women."--Library magazine, starred assessment "Odelia gray is delightfully huge and dependable in Jaffarian's 3rd enjoyable romp."--Publishers Weekly "Odelia gray is every thing you will have in a, humorous, and fully unapologetic."--Tim Maleeny, award-winning writer of Stealing the Dragon "An fascinating, well-plotted secret thatwill entertain and inspire."--The Strand journal

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As members of different occupations, we are aware that being a doctor, lawyer, engineer, accountant, or other professional involves not only the learning of technical skills but also the adoption of certain values and norms that define our occupation. If we violate some of these norms we can be thrown out of the occupation. But where do these come from and how do we reconcile the fact that each occupation considers its norms and values to be the correct ones? The concept of culture helps to explain all of these phenomena and to normalize them.

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