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By Zouhair Asfari, Volker Böhmer, Jack Harrowfield, Jacques Vicens

ISBN-10: 0306475227

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ISBN-10: 0792369602

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Calixarene chemistry, on the flip of the millennium, is a box forthcoming actual adulthood. in lots of parts, purposes are genuine and critical, and the arsenal of constructions in line with calixarenes presents instruments potent in different components of supramolecular chemistry. during this booklet, chapters contributed via a extensive spectrum of overseas authors supply numerous views upon the development and way forward for calixarene chemistry. concerns coated extensive contain: Calixarene synthesis, with all its subtleties and class. Forces at play within the inclusion of impartial and charged molecules by way of calixarenes. Theoretical analyses of calixarene houses. Dynamics and thermodynamics of calixarenes and their complexes. Nanocomposite building in accordance with calixarene aggregates. Calixarenes on surfaces. Analytical purposes of calixarenes. Catalysis via calixarenes and their complexes. source restoration and waste remedy with calixarenes. New instructions in calixarene chemistry. Hetero- and homo-calixarenes. Bioactive calixarenes. Coordination chemistry of calixarenes. Calixarenes within the good kingdom.

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