Ian Lemke, Jackie Cassada, Brian Campbell, Richard E.'s Changeling: The Dreaming, 2nd Edition PDF

By Ian Lemke, Jackie Cassada, Brian Campbell, Richard E. Dansky, Chris Howard, Angel McCoy, Neil Mick,

ISBN-10: 1565047168

ISBN-13: 9781565047167

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Those who could not (or would not) escape remained, but were forced to undergo the Changeling Way in order to survive. Trapping their faeries souls within mortal coils was the only way they could survive the onslaught of Banality. Whereas the greatest danger to changelings in the mortal world is Banality, the Dreaming exposes them to new threats that ironically are brought about by the lack of Banality. Monstrous chimera, able to exist in the Glamour-rich environment of the Dreaming, threaten changelings who deviate from set pathways.

Going one step further, changelings sometimes form entire towns or villages, though this has become increasingly uncommon in the modern era. Still, what looks like a ghost town to mortals might be a thriving Kithain community. Old ruins can take on new life as they are rebuilt with the stuff of the Dreaming, and mushroom rings can be transformed into faerie dancing grounds. Such places may hold a sense of the otherworldly within them long after changelings have left, or their chimerical aspects may be dispelled by the disbelief of a single skeptic.

Some changelings fear nervosa who have physical bodies, because they can cause deadly injuries. Many changelings, however, believe that nervosa that have no bodies are the most dangerous and potentially the most unnerving. Imagine a creature that you know to be insane is following just behind you wherever you go. You can hear its footsteps, feel its breath upon your neck, smell its reek and sense its malevolent intent, but you can neither see nor touch it. Of course, it can't touch you either—unless the rules that govern its behavior abruptly change, and it decides to rip your head off when you aren't looking.

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