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By White Wolf Publishing AB.

Hold walking.

Eyes directly ahead.

Don’t glance back.

In the shadows and among the cracks of our daily lives disguise the Chronicles of Darkness. right here lurk creatures of historical delusion and concrete legend. right here lie the graves of angels and the bunkers of mystery executive courses. right here each malformed horror you’ve ever obvious out of the nook of your eye has a house. And they’ve visible you.

Don’t glance back!

Chronicles of Darkness RPG rulebook contains:

• A consultant to making characters to discover an international of contemporary horror, from hopes and fears to psychic powers.
• Dramatic ideas for research, social manipulation, and bone-crunching violence.
• Over a dozen monsters directly out of strange fiction and concrete legend… plus whole ideas for developing your own.
• The God-Machine Chronicle, an enormous choice of pattern characters and techgnostic adventures.
• previously titled nWoD center Rulebook 2d Edition.

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This should not be used as a way to purchase a Merit, take advantage of its benefits, and then cash it out for something else. But if a Merit’s run its course and no longer makes sense for your character, you may use those points elsewhere. Merits such as Ambidextrous, Eidetic Memory and the various Fighting Style Merits reflect abilities and knowledge that your character has, and therefore shouldn’t be cashed in or replaced. Then again, if an Ambidextrous character loses his left hand.... Mental Merits Area of Expertise (•) Prerequisite: Resolve •• and one Skill Specialty Effect: Your character is uncommonly specialized in one area.

In the Chronicles of Darkness, it’s next to impossible to grow up without any exposure to the supernatural. Decide what your character saw and forgot. Did she see a vampire take the form of smoke and vanish? A man turn into a wolf? Maybe she caught a glimpse of an impossible nightmarescape through a door that should never have been propped open? Describe this scene in as much detail as you can. This is a breaking point that already occurred, but it helps set a benchmark for what your character would have to see in order to experience one now.

Sample actions: Fast talk (Manipulation + Persuasion), Impassioned plea (Presence + Persuasion), Seduction (Manipulation + Persuasion) Sample Specialties: Fast Talking, Inspiring, Sales Pitches, Seduction, Sermons Sample contacts: Car Salesman, Speech Coach, Trial Lawyer Levels: • Novice: A character at this rank always seems to know the right words. She excels at finding a solid argument, and knows how to pursue it to get what he wants. •• Professional: This character could be a professional salesman or trial lawyer.

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Chronicles of Darkness by White Wolf Publishing AB.

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