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By Amy Myers

ISBN-10: 0727884387

ISBN-13: 9780727884381

Jack Colby, motor vehicle detective, takes a possible regimen fee that precipitates him right into a harmful international of secrets and techniques and murder"
A fee to shop for a vintage Packard saloon from the Nineteen Thirties on behalf of a shopper must have been regimen for Jack Colby, yet this Packard is particular . . . and as Jack struggles to piece jointly the automobile s historical past and the secret surrounding it, he's quickly caused right into a risky global the place not anything is because it seems.
What is the explanation at the back of enigmatic banking wealthy person Philip Moxton s determined hope for this actual automobile? no matter what it truly is, the auto s present proprietor, actor Tom Herrick, turns out to grasp it too and is all too prepared to promote. but if homicide moves, Jack is drawn right into a hunt for the fact that includes not just his own happiness yet dealing with a continuing killer.

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