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Three examples have been: 1. the Hobson-Bukharin-Leninist theory of imperialism which visualized capitalism in terms of a world conquered, divided and redivided by competing national blocks of capital. 2. dependency theory which similarly sought to understand the global order of capital in terms of a hierarchy of development and underdevelopment and 3. world-systems theory which has focused on the global interconnections through which capital has knit the world into its own kind of totality. Unfortunately, in all three cases the manner in which the theories were developed -starting from a focus on capitalist totalization- led to the displacement of the analysis from class conflict to nation-state conflict and the relative neglect of the particularities of class conflict.

The alternative proposed by Marx is to understand that the apparent solidity of the s as a contradictory form of social relationship. The state is 'state' masks i ~ existence not only an institution but a form-process, an active process of forming social relations and therefore class struggles channeling them into non-class forms citizens rights, human rights - which promote the disorganisation of labour (Holloway 1991). Once an analysis is grounded in the realisation that labour is the constituting power of social reality, the form-giving fire of social existence, we can see the relevance of Marx's question, why does this content assume that particular form?

L'Operaio Massa All'Operaio Sociale 1979) a@ his "Archeolopa e proggetto. L'opcruo massa e f o p c m o sociale" in Macchtna Temp (1982). elected Writings of %ni Negri, Led: Notes, London, 1989. bus Page 42 Common Sense - Issue 14 ........................................................................................................... , engineers and scientists), the dynamics of the class struggle has increasingly forced a spatial and temporal recomposition of work that is undermining that division.

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