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By Claire Wills, Maeve Connolly, Thomas Docherty, Bruce Nelson, Joe Cleary, Luke Gibbons, Richard Bourke, Siobhan Kilfeather

ISBN-10: 0822366002

ISBN-13: 9780822366003

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6 These child-slaying narratives seem to be a reflection on the processes of Irish history. Although they might seem to lend themselves to a reading in which a preoccupation with the past lays a curse on posterity—Ireland as the sow that eats her farrow—in fact, each story ends in tragedy because the parents do not reflect on the past sufficiently. All three stories are resonant with dramatic irony—the reader can only too easily decode the clues as to the children’s identities from a knowledge of past events, but all the parents are living too resolutely in the present.

Lorimer’s niece and Arthur’s daughter), whom he had left three days before ‘‘at a solitary mansion in the mountains of Donnegal [sic]’’ (EH, 80), sleeps in Mrs. Lorimer’s bed. As he is about to plunge the knife, Mrs. Lorimer enters the room and faints with shock, but not before foil14. Patrick Sarsfield (1655–1693), the Earl of Lucan, was the most successful Irish Jacobite military leader, before his exile as one of the famous ‘‘Wild Geese’’ to France, where he fought in the French army against the British.

3 The preface to The Terrific Register states that the editors ‘‘have ransacked the various sources of information open to us’’ in order to collect anecdotes of calamities and atrocities from around the world (1:i). Some sources are heavily mined—heavily plagiarized, one might say. But one of the real curiosities of the anthology is the way in which the very act of excerpting and juxtaposing these sensational anecdotes seems to level the quality and tone of the writing, so that a sense of a single authorial voice emerges out of what is really an assembly of disparate voices.

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Contemporary Irish Culture and Politics (Boundary) by Claire Wills, Maeve Connolly, Thomas Docherty, Bruce Nelson, Joe Cleary, Luke Gibbons, Richard Bourke, Siobhan Kilfeather

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