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This examine provides an method of metaphor that systematically takes contextual elements into consideration. It analyses how metaphors either depend upon, and alter, the context within which they're uttered, and particularly, how metaphorical interpretation consists of the articulation of asserted, implied and presupposed fabric. It supplementations this semantic research with a practice-based account of metaphor on the conceptual point, which stresses the position of sociocultural components in idea formation.

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It would be good to see if such broad claims are corroborated by ethnographic findings. Fortunately, there have been several empirical investigations along the lines of Vygotsky's and Goody's work. In the early 1930s, the Russian psychologist Alexander Luria, set out to test Vygotsky's hypotheses in extensive field investigations among illiterate peasants in Uzbekistan. He wanted to find out whether the profound socio-economic and cultural changes following the Soviet Revolution had any cognitive consequences, as a materialist theory of psychology would predict.

I will return to this in the discussion of the Rhetoric below. In other words, 'current' as characterized in Chapter 21 does not seem to be opposed to 'metaphorical', let alone to 'figurative'. Next, Aristotle generically defines metaphora as a 'transfer of a name belongingelsewhere' (1457b8). By this he means, according to Lucas (1968: 204), both the process of transfer of a word and the word thus transferred. , involving words and their meanings) or pragmatic (involving the use of language). Significantly, this definition does not involve 'referents' (things) or 'meanings' (concepts).

One might be tempted to conclude from this that 'primitive' proper names function as property expressions that ascribe specific attributes to individuals in virtue of their descriptive content, but perhaps such a statement already prejudices the question of how these expressions signify, as it takes the notion of abstract attributes for granted. 2 below). As noted, Goody (1977, 1987) has stressed the significance of the fact that there are disproportionately many lists among the earliest written texts: lists, he argues, are an important aid in decontextualizing and systematizing the employment of linguistic items.

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