Current Literary Terms: A Concise Dictionary of their Origin by A. F. Scott M.A (auth.) PDF

By A. F. Scott M.A (auth.)

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Self-seeking of the Presbyterians and Independents. Patience, an opera by Gilbert and Sullivan, produced in 1881, is a burlesque of the aesthetic movement. In the Age of Reason, Dr. 10hnson wrote this burlesque of the epigram: If a man that turnips cries Cry not when his father dies, 'Tis a proof that he would rather Have a turnip than a father. BURLETTA. Italian burletta, joke, farce, vaudeville. A musical farce, popular in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries in England. Tbe music in these productions evaded the law which liInited legitimate drama to patent theatres (established by letters patent, not licensed by the Lord Chamberlain).

Latin, about, round about. g. circa 1300; abbreviation c. or circ. CIRCUIT EDGES. Flaps designed to overlap the edges of some Bibles and Prayer Books, especially those made for the pocket; also called Ribbon edges. CIRCUMLOCUTION. Latin circum, about, loqui, locutus, to speak. Roundabout and evasive speech. The use of many words where few would be dearer. A similar term is periphrasis, Greek, from phrdzein, to speak. CLARENDON TYPE. A thick-faced, condensed type. Formerly a general name for all bold types.

ASYNDETON. Greek asundetos, -on, unconnected; a-, not, sun, together, deö, I bind. A figure of speech in which conjunctions are omitted. The second line of this passage from Hamlet is an example: 0, what a noble mind is here o'erthrown· The courtier's, soldier's, scholar's, eye, tongue, sword; The expectancy and rose of the fair state, The glass of fashion and the mould of form, The observed of a11 observers, quite, quite down! Also the absence of syntactical sequence in the construction of a sentence.

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Current Literary Terms: A Concise Dictionary of their Origin and Use by A. F. Scott M.A (auth.)

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