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By Jeff Lindsay

ISBN-10: 0385518366

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It has to make sense. ' 'Somebody with a grudge/ I said, sounding a lot more certain than I felt. ' she said. ' 'Well, not really/ I said. 'Then how about if you come up with something that does make sense? And, like, right now? ' If life teaches us anything, it is to flinch away and roll under the furniture whenever anyone is foolish enough to utter those fell words. And sure enough, the dreadful syllables were barely out of Deborah's mouth when the phone on her desk buzzed for her attention, and some small and rather nasty voice whispered in my ear that this would be a great time to wedge myself under the desk in the foetal position.

He also wore a pair of very nice resort-style shorts in a tasteful cranberry color, and a blue silk shirt with a silver embossed palm tree pattern on it. But the shirt was unbuttoned and pulled back to reveal that the man's chest had been removed and the cavity emptied out of all the natural and awful stuff that should go in there. It was now filled instead with ice, bottles of beer, and what appeared to be a shrimp cocktail ring from the grocery store. His right hand was clutching a fistful of Monopoly money, and his face was covered with another of those glued-on plastic masks.

It was all over the news this morning, about... That's what it was, wasn't it? And they had your sister on, saying that, you know. She didn't look very happy' 'She's not happy at all,' I said. 'Which doesn't seem right, since she has a really challenging job, and her picture is on TV. ' Rita did not smile at my light-hearted jest. Instead she pulled a chair over next to mine and, sitting down and clasping her hands in her lap, she frowned even deeper. ' I know from my research into human life that these are the words that strike terror into men's souls.

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